Undermountain Xbox Pack

发售日期 - 2019-06-19
发行商 - Perfect World Entertainment
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动作冒险 角色扮演

Prepare to venture deep into the caverns of Undermountain, and come face-to-face with monstrous creatures and powerful magical foes. Xbox Gold members can descend into the five new Undermountain adventure zones with some extra equipment to help you on your way. The Undermountain Plus Pack Contains: ·         30 Days of complimentary in-game VIP ·         1 Bag of Holding ·         1 Enchanted Ring of the Companion ·         200 ZEN Currency ZEN Currency will bind to account, the other items will bind to account upon pick-up at the Reward Claims Agent in Protector's Enclave, and can be claimed on one character per account. Base game and this additional content require Xbox Live Gold membership.